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Fall Field Trips to Lever Farms

Lever Farms field trips introduce students to the importance of agriculture in our state. We make this learning experience fun and educational for students and teachers - in a 100 acre outdoor classroom.

Our Outdoor Classroom Includes:
Wagon ride
Farm animals
Corn Maze
Honey Bees
How to grow a pumpkin
Lots of farm fun games and more!

Fall Field Trips target Preschool through 2nd grade
Standards Kindergarten:  K.S.1A.1, K.S.1A.4, K.S.1A.5, K.L.2A.2, K.L.2A.3, K.L.2A.5, K.P.4A.1
1st Grade:   1.S.1A.1, 1.S.1A.4, 1.S.1A.5, 1.E.4B.1, 1.L.5A.1, 1.L.5A.2, 1.L.5B.1
2ND Grade:  2.L.5A.1, 2.L.5A.2, 2.L.5A.3
Reservations or Information

Fall Field Trips are by appointments Monday to Friday in October.

Cost is $6 per person (including all students, chaperones/parents/siblings).
Two teacher per 20 students are free of charge.  Each person will receive a small pumpkin to take home.

Minimum of 20 participants per field trip group

After registering, the coordinating teacher will receive a packet for pre- and post- field trip information and activities for the classroom.

Call 803-321-5952
or Email