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Call Us (803) 321-5952
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CSA Frequently Asked Questions
How much produce will be in my CSA?
The produce in your CSA box each week depends on the size box that you choose. Typically, our SMALL BOX can feed 2 adults. We recommend our LARGE BOX for a family of 4.

Can I choose what produce goes into my box?
No. The produce that comes in your share each week depends on what we have in season at that particular time. Some things like cucumbers, squash, and zucchini will remain the same but others like strawberries, okra, green beans, and blackberries will switch as we progress in the season.

I don’t like a certain produce; can I exchange it?
CSA boxes are set each week and exchanges are not allowed. Sorry!
Can I send a friend/family member to pick up my box?
Of course! If you decide you cannot pick up on a particular date, your friends/family members are more than welcome to pick up your box. Just remember that they will request the box under YOUR last name!
I forgot to pick up my box on Wednesday; can I get a new one?
Any CSA box not picked up by 6pm will be donated to a food back or someone in need.
Will the same thing be in my box each week?
Not always! You will more than likely see tomatoes, zucchini, and squash each week. But things like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, green beans, okra, and much more will switch throughout the season.
Can I come to pick up my box early/on a different day?
Due to the high volume of participants we have, we cannot allow early pick-up or on a different day.
How long does the CSA Program last?
We will offer TWO seasons in 2022.  A SPRING season from May 10-June 16.  And a SUMMER season from June 21-July 28. During these weeks we expect to be harvesting the majority of our produce.

What is the PICK UP POLICY?
If you are not able to pick up your box on the scheduled day of delivery then you can get a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member to pick up your box for you.  If you do not pick up your box the day it is prepared for you, then it will be given to a local charity or someone in need.  We do NOT allow you to change pickup days or locations within each season.

Seasons (2022)
Spring (May 10-June 16)
Summer (June 21-July 28)
When does the CSA Program start and when does it end?
For 2022, we will offer TWO CSA Seasons (Spring and Summer). And you will be able to choose between two pickup locations (Lever Farms in Pomaria and our Lever Farms Dreher Island Market).  You are NOT allowed to switch locations or day of pickup after you sign up.
I missed last week (without notification), can I just have two this week?
Unfortunately, without notification, we cannot allow you to have two boxes. This means we would be taking away a box from someone else!
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