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Call Us (803) 321-5952
Call Us (803) 321-5952
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Hogs have always been a part of our farm.

At Lever Farms, all our pork is raised a natural habitat. They have room to move around and do all the work God indented them to do. Our pigs root in the soil, wallow in the mud and rest in the sunshine. They fest on our extra farm produce like our pumpkins and corn from our corn maze. Also, our hogs are fed a conventional soy/corn blend to help meet their dietary needs.

We have Pork Chops, Ribs, Bacon, Mild/Onion Sausage and more. Our sausage is made from our family’s 100 year old Dutch Fork recipe. Our pork is sold at our farm stand directly from our farm to your table—so don’t forget to bring your cooler!  
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(803) 321-5952
5057 SC Hwy 34, Pomaria
Mid-April - Mid-June
Mon-Sat: 8am 6pm
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Sat: 10-5
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(803) 321-5952
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